Skills Institute is a soccer development program for 5-12 year-olds who love soccer and have a strong desire to improve their skills

The program allows us to evaluate, assess and adapt to a player’s initial skill level upon entry. It has a strong technical emphasis on soccer while allowing coaches to adapt instruction to individual player differences. This means that within a group framework, each player receives personalized lessons that move the player to their own next level of expertise, making them more valuable players to current and future teams.


Class Descriptions

Level 1

(5-6 Years)

(7-8 Years)

(9-12 years)

Level 1 will take players through weekly sessions of fundamental skill building and competitive drills/games to develop self-confidence in practice and game situations.

Focus will be on basic fundamentals of player development:

  • Dribbling
  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • Trapping
  • How to use these skills effectively in a game scenario

Classes are 50 minutes long

  • 30 minutes training and 20 minutes scrimmage

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Level 2 - Recommendation only

(5-6 years)

(7-8 Years)

(9-12 Years)

Level 2 will take players through a challenging weekly sessions of driving competence of the fundamentals, defining of positions, and development of personal strengths and how to contribute those strengths to enhance team play.

Focus will be on continual development of:

  • Individual Technique
  • Field Awareness
  • Speed and Agility

Classes are 50 minutes long

  • 30 minutes training and 20 minutes scrimmage

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(Registration must be done in person, via phone or email for recommendation only classes)


Fall Class Schedule

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Free Trials

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